4500 Solar panels

In the hope of generating one million kilowatt-hours per year, TU Delft is going to cover nearly half of the total roof surface of its campus with a total of 4500 solar panels. The installation of the panels is expected to be completed in September. The solar park fits within the green ambitions of TU Delft. By 2020, the university hopes to be generating 25% of its current demand for energy through sustainable methods. It still has a long way to go. One million kWh per year amounts to about 2% of the energy used by TU Delft. Chris Hellinga of the Delft Energy Initiative is one of the initiators. ‘To be sure, 2% is not very much’, he admits. ‘Nevertheless, every per cent of sustainably produced energy requires considerable investment, and it should be taken seriously. Moreover, once half of the university’s usable roof surface has been covered in solar panels, this will send a message. It will encourage people to be more sustainable in their use of energy’.


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