Ab Streppel wins UfD-Cofely Energy Efficiency Award


His research on storing wind energy in ammonia has earned Ab Streppel the UfD-Cofely Energy Efficiency Award. Streppel will receive the €7,500 prize for the great importance to society of his graduation project and his convincing presentation. Venkatesh Chandrasekar and Nick Verwaal also won awards, each of them receiving €2,500.
The UfD-Cofely Energy Efficiency Award is awarded annually to students who have made a tangible contribution to energy saving, sustainability or CO2 reductions.

Steppel also conducted research into storing surplus electric energy in ammonia. Due to
fluctuating energy production from wind energy, surpluses may arise, causing this energy to get lost. Streppel studies a cell in which this energy can be converted into ammonia. Besides the possibility of producing fertiliser, the ammonia can also be converted back into energy. The great advantage of this material is that in can be stored and transported everywhere. With the results so far, the cell can attain an efficiency of 80 per cent, according to Streppel.

Venkatesh Chandrasekar conducted research into inkless printing, while Nick Verwaal’s research was on developing a model-based control model for wind turbines using LIDAR to accurately predict wind velocity.

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