Alumni Activities

26 March
Coach Café ‘Experienced alumnus helps starter’

28 March |
Alumni Day ‘Practical Studies’

31 March 
UfD: ‘Damen Bachelor Awards’

2 April 
UfD: Registration ends for Marina van Damme Grant

3 April 
AVTN: Kavli Colloquium ‘A Nanoscientist’s Journey to Biology’

9 April 
Hannover Messe: networking over drinks at Holland Hightech House

16 April 
Topical meeting ‘Data Science for Environmental Monitoring: Water Management Case’

16 April 
UfD: ‘EBN Geo Energy Master Award’

23, 24, 25 May 
ZOMERfestival Delft

15 May 
Alumni lecture, theme: Light

15 May 
UfD-IHC Merwede Teamwork Award

4 June 
Comfort in Transit Symposium,

6 June 
2014 Alumni Event

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