Alumni Chapters: TU Delft meets more and more of it’s alumni

TU Delft has an increasingly international role in the academic world. One third of the Master’s students come from somewhere other than the Netherlands, and TU alumni can be found everywhere. Last year, TU Delft strengthened contacts with its alumni by organising international TU Delft Alumni Chapters. A number of volunteers have taken it upon themselves to organise an activity for alumni at least twice a year in the relevant city or country. In 2013, we met alumni at fifteen different locations throughout the world. And in 2014 events have also taken place. In Mexico there was a first-ever alumni meeting, organised by a student ambassador. Twenty-five alumni from both Mexico City and far beyond met. One alumnus even travelled 1,000 km! In late January, an alumni networking reception took place in Boston, and the TU Delft Alumni Chapter in London organised a very well-attended New Year’s reception.

Do you live abroad and want to start a TU Delft Alumni Chapter?
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