Alumni continue learning at technology festival

On 4 June, more than 100 alumni visited the campus to attend lectures that the Alumni Office had organised during the International Festival of Technology. In the space of one hour, the visitors were brought up to date on a current research project or field at TU Delft. The activities included master classes on solar energy, an introduction to cyber security, and the dangers and advantages of wooden skyscrapers. ‘In my field, so much has been discovered since I graduated 20 years ago. It is wonderful to come back and take a peek at what’s being done now’, observed one of the visiting alumni.

Speakers included Alexandru Iosup, who this year was voted Netherlands’ Teacher of the Year;  Zaid Al-Ars, who previously won an award for his graduation research on rapid DNA analysis for diagnosing cancer; and Fedor Baart, with his research on historical reconstructions of tides, with he has used for such purposes as demonstrating the possibility of the escape from Alcatraz in 1962. The evening concluded with a social gathering in the newly renovated Henri Baudet Institute for design-history research in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Foto: Sam Rentmeester

Photo: Sam Rentmeester

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