Best graduating student and best teacher

Alexandru Iosup from the Faculty of EEMCS has been named the best teacher at TU Delft. Ir. Jörn Zimmerling was selected as the best graduating student. The prizes are awarded each year by the University Fund and Royal HaskoningDHV. Gamification
Alexandru Iosup has a unique way of teaching. ‘He knows that each student is different’, note students and the jury. Iosup devised a method for bringing out the best in all students: the gamification of courses. This means that students can choose their own paths through the course.
The best teacher is chosen based on nominations from the study associations of all faculties. A jury consisting of students, the previous year’s winner and the Rector Magnificus determines which of these eight is the best teacher at TU Delft. Dr Alexandru Iosup studied computer science at the University of Bucharest (2004) and obtained a doctorate at TU Delft in 2009. Since then,
he has been a researcher and assistant professor in the Parallel and Distributed Systems group.

Final mark of 10
The best graduating student was ir. Jörn Zimmerling (EEMCS). He graduated cum laude, and with a final mark of 10 in electrical engineering. Zimmerling focused on the modelling of new optical nano-structures (e.g. nano-lasers) and on the solution of the associated equations, with which computers can calculate the course of light. These types of calculations are usually highly complex, often requiring designers to wait a whole day for the results. Zimmerling was able to introduce ‘Krylov sub-space techniques’ in this area, demonstrating that the techniques could increase the speed of calculations by a factor of 50. According to the prize winner, this is particularly advantageous for the extra coffee breaks that they offer scientists. Zimmerling will continue his career as a doctoral candidate at TU Delft.
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