Better and cheaper solar cells

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20140206 KRT - PV cellen subsidie Horizon 2020

Photo: Sam Rentmeester

Dr Olindo Isabella (EEMCS) has received a Horizon 2020 research grant for developing better and cheaper solar cells. The NextBase consortium, which Isabella was invited to join, consists of eight research groups and six industries (including DSM). Together they have received € 3.8 million to develop a new generation of crystalline silicon solar cells. The Delft research group will receive 10% of the budget. The new solar cells will enable modules to achieve 22% efficiency (the standard is currently 15 to 19%). The price will be lower than 35 eurocents/Wp. It is currently around 40-50 eurocents/Wp. The new solar cells, which will take three years to develop, promise to be both cheaper and better than existing cells.

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