Damen Bachelor Awards

‘Let’s get child mortality rates are just as low in Africa as they are in the Netherlands’. With these rousing words, Tim Cheung concluded his presentation of several months of research conducted together with five fellow students. Their BabyShell project won the EEMCS students the first prize of €5,000 in this year’s Damen Bachelor Awards, an annual award for the best TU Delft Bachelor’s graduation project. The young engineers developed a device that uses a question and answer process to help pregnant women and mothers with young children in remote places to diagnose illnesses. BabyShell is also able to perform various tasks such as keeping time, recording temperature readings and sending reminders of important moments such as prenatal doctor’s appointments and vaccinations.

damen awards foto marcel.jpgPhoto:Marcel Krijger
F.l.t.r. Gerard Hogenhout, Paul Bakker, Alexander Jongeling, Tim Cheung, Lars van Leeuwen, Kees Hogenhout (BabyShell) and Bert Jan ter Riet (Damen Shipyards).

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