Delft University Fund Best Professor Award goes to Jack Pronk

The Delft University Fund has presented the Best Professor Award for 2015 to Prof. Jack Pronk, a professor of industrial microbiology in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The Best Professor Award is presented each year to a TU Delft professor who excels in both education and research, motivates others to do the same and serves as a source of inspiration for both students and doctoral candidates.

The award, which entails a foreign sabbatical valued at €15,000, offers the winner the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, which can then be passed along to their students and doctoral candidates. Rector Magnificus Prof. ir. Karel Luyben and the chair of the Delft University Fund, ir. Michael Wisbrun will present the award during a festive meeting to be held on 31 August at 12:30, preceding the opening of the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

Foto: Sam Rentmeester

Photo: Sam Rentmeester

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