Delft University Fund celebrates International Festival of Technology

The Alumnus of the Year, the Marina ten Damme grant and the Royal IHC Teamwork Award: the Delft University Fund awarded no fewer than three prizes during the three-day International Festival of Technology (IFoT) at TU Delft.

Opening Alumni Walk of Fame brassband 5

Alumnus of the year: Ronald Prins
During the celebratory opening of the Walk of Fame, where plaques show all five Alumni of the Year named to date, board member Anka Mulder announced the Alumnus of the Year 2016: cyber-security guru Ronald Prins. An extended interview with Ronald, ‘the most influential nerd in the Netherlands’, can be found on page 18.

Van Damme Lidewij van Twillert - Ernst de Groot1

Marina van Damme grant 2016: Lidewij van Twillert
Industrial designer Lidewij van Twillert was awarded the Marina van Damme grant. Together with Enny Kurniawati and Laurien Anne Korst, she was nominated from a total of eighteen entrants. According to the jury, ‘Lidewij presented her plans as a dream that really could become something big.’ Van Twillert (26) graduated from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in 2015. She runs her own fashion brand, Mesh Lingerie, and designs personal lingerie products with the aid of 3D body scanning. Van Twillert’s win nets her a grant of 9,000 euros. She wants to use this to gather knowledge on manufacturing and marketing clothes.

Royal IHC Teamwork Award 2016: iGEM Team
In the Dream hall, where student teams work on projects such as Nuna, the Velox recumbent bike and the Solar solar-powered boat, the iGEM team was awarded the IHC Teamwork Award. Together with two student teams: Hyperloop and Eco-Runner Team Delft, the students from the iGEM team, which participates every year in the international iGEM bacteria and yeast design competition, could pitch their project during a ceremony. The teams had been nominated from a total of 17 entrants. iGEM walked away with the 7,500-euro prize.
With their ‘Biolinker’ printer, the students managed to win the highest distinction, the Over-graduate Grand Prize, at the annual international iGEM competition in Boston, the US. The Biolinker is a printer that prints live bacteria that are genetically designed to form biofilms.
The Hyperloop team and the Eco-Runner Team Delft were awarded the runner’s up prizes of 2,500 euros. According to the jury ‘there are clear market opportunities for the iGEM team. They are changing the world, using K’NEX.’

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