Dutch Engineers Alumni Nordic Tour

Following their joint alumni tour of the United States, TU Delft, Twente University and TU Eindhoven visited Scandinavia in May. More than 1000 alumni of the Dutch universities of technology are living in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

‘This is why we decided to focus on the “Nordic” countries’, explains Anouk Dijkstal, manager of alumni relations at TU Delft. ‘Scandinavia has a lot to offer. Many of our alumni live there, and it is a highly innovative area. It also resembles the Netherlands, and the universities are of outstanding quality. During the tour, we tried to establish contact with graduates and ask our alumni if they would like to visit TU Delft whenever they are back in the Netherlands’.

For TU Delft, it is of great importance to maintain the international network. The university has an international objective, and the alumni network plays an important role in it. Alumni of TU Delft are working in the very best and most prestigious companies in the entire world. They form the portal for internships and work placements for the current generation of students. ‘In each city, we try to mobilise volunteers to continue organising activities and network events after our visit’, explains Dijkstal. ‘In America, this has already taken place in four of the five cities we visited’.

Nordic tour
The Dutch Engineers Alumni Nordic Tour was a success, with 4408 kilometres travelled, more than 1000 alumni, 160 participants, 14 taxis, 6 suitcases, 8 alumni lectures and 4 cities.

During one week, successive visits were paid to Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. In each city, the alumni were welcomed by the Dutch embassy (or the Residence). Each visit included an update on the universities and two lectures by alumni on highly diverse topics. Each event was highly successful, and it went a long way towards strengthening the ties with the alumni living there.


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