Ecorunner wins the Shell Eco-marathon

The weekend of Pentecost, TU Delft Eco-Runner Team ended in first place in the hydrogen class of the Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam. The Eco-marathon is an annual competition in which secondary and university students attempt to achieve the greatest possible fuel efficiency with their self-developed vehicles. The hydrogen-driven Eco-Runner V has a fuel-efficiency level of 1227.5 kilometres to one cubic metre of hydrogen. This translates into 3653 kilometres to one litre of  petrol. A small tank filled with 2.9 kilograms of hydrogen would be  enough to drive the car right around the world.

The students from TU Delft can also race on hydrogen, as proven by another team: the Forze student racing team. In early May, the students drove around the German Nürburgring race circuit in just 11 minutes. This was a record for a team of students in a self-made hydrogen racing car. On the track, the car reached a top speed of 170 kilometres per hour. and 29903


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