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A life free of stress thanks to smart planning software? It sounds too good to be true. But Calendar42, TU Delft alumnus Michel Boerrigter’s company, has built a software platform to achieve just that and it is proving increasingly popular with businesses. 


Name: Michel Boerrigter
Study: Industrial Design Engineering
Company: Calendar42
Founded: 2011
Product: Software platform for real-time planning
Mission: A planning-free world
Turnover: ‘I do not comment on that’
In five years time: ‘We are not looking that far ahead, but we’ll probably be bought out or floated on the stock exchange’

A surgery assistant needs to go home because her child is sick, but an operation is scheduled in a few hours. The telephone list of potential replacements includes 300 names. It does not specify who is qualified for this particular surgery or who is available. Stress in the hospital.
Another example: a storm has hit the Netherlands. Insurance companies are being inundated by calls from people with flooded homes. Loss adjusters are travelling back and forth, and the vic-tims have to stay at home to be there when they arrive.

Is there a better way of doing this?
Definitely, for businesses that use Calendar42, explains its founder, TU Delft alumnus Michel Boerrigter. His company has created a software platform that relieves planners of their work, by linking real-time data to smart algorithms. Users can easily access it via existing calendar apps or new concepts.

For example, the hospital enters the details of the operation time and the qualifications that a replacement will need to have. All potential candidates are then sent a message on their phones. They simply press a button to respond.
The insurance company sends customers with damages an email or text message. The customer can then decide when the loss adjuster should arrive. The software schedules all the appointments. ‘The result is a fuller agenda for the loss adjuster and reduced mileage’, explains Boerrigter. He says there is a solution for any scheduling issue. It is therefore no surprise that Calendar42 works with businesses from many different market segments, including government agencies and construction companies, as well as insurers and healthcare providers.

The company has 14 staff on the payroll and international ambitions. ‘We see the Netherlands as a pilot and R&D market. It has a good infrastructure, people are open to new ideas and yet still critical. If the concept works well here, we can roll it out internationally. We are already active elsewhere in Europe’, says Boerrigter.

Currently, the company has yet to make a profit. The entire turnover is being re-invested in the product, just like the one million euros in funding that Calendar42 received from investors last summer. Boerrigter believes that the secret of a successful entrepreneur is to continually revalidate one’s assumptions. ‘Success is all about structure and perseverance. You can make a lot of mistakes, as long as you ensure that any impact remains minor. I do not believe in luck, just working hard and avoiding too many setbacks.’

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