Gas flow meter with pressure sensor

Inventor: Ir. Guido Kooijman

“What a cool idea,” thought Guido Kooijman when he came up with the idea of his ideal gas meter. Plenty of papers have been written on the subject and numerous types of gas meter invented over the years, but Kooijman, studying for a doctorate in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, is convinced that his outshines the rest. The key advantage of his meter is that it contains no moving parts, which makes it less likely that it will fail.

Not only that, but Kooijman claims that his meter is more accurate and cheaper than the rest. “The range of flows it can measure is wider.” Another advantage is that Kooijman’s meter automatically corrects for air pressure and temperature, both of which have an impact on the volume of the gas.

With his company, Smart Process Instruments, he has already sold six prototypes for use in experimental research. His customers include universities and TNO and companies specialising in water purification. They want to find out how much gas bio-fermenters produce with different types of treatments and waste.
Kooijman is now working on an improved version of his gas flow meter. It will include a built-in screen, whereas the current version has to be hooked up to a computer. The new version will also feature a methane sensor so there is no longer any need to analyse the gas composition separately.

The doctoral candidate sees the work on his design as a ‘great part-time job’. It is separate from his doctoral research, despite the connections between the two. Later in the year, Kooijman hopes to be awarded his doctorate for biogas production in water purification.


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