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Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160317 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Olivier Siegelaar

Olivier Siegelaar. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Name: Olivier Siegelaar (29)
Degree Programme: Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering
Sport: Rowing (Laga)
Boat: Holland Eight

“We already qualified last year for the games, which was quite an achievement in itself as you need to end in the top five to do that. The selection has been made, it will be the same team. That lets us focus on the rest, which is hard training. In between training sessions, I’m a stock broker at Roca Markets.”

“I’m in position five – the power house of the boat. In the centre of the boat you have a good overview and can give instructions to the others. The role comes automatically, but everyone has the same amount of input, technically and physically.”

“I think that six very good teams will start in the final in Rio, which is great. The more training hours we put in, the greater our chances.”

After Rio
“I have been accepted at Oxford, where I am going to do an MBA. Of course I want to take part in the famous Boat Race, but I have no idea what lies beyond that.”

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160321 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Annette Duetz, zeilen

Annette Duetz. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Who: Annette Duetz (23)
Degree Programme: Bachelor’s in Applied Physics
Sport: Sailing
Boat: 49erFX, with Annemiek Bekkering

“In 2015 we unexpectedly lost our place in the national selection to another team. Our mast broke on the first day of competition both times during the selection tests. We then had to leave Team Delta Lloyd and so we needed to arrange everything ourselves as the water sports association has limited funds. Now we are in the Talent team, where we can do our own thing. It turned out in May that the other team was unable to get through, so we are going after all.”

“When we lost our selection place I first wanted to finish my studies. However, two months later we realised that we were not yet finished and we decided to be the best FX sailors and not to think about the Olympic Games for a while.”

“After Rio I want to complete my Bachelor’s and make a start on my Master’s, after which I will probably continue sailing.

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160315 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Ellen Hogerwerf - roeien

Ellen Hogerwerf. Photo © Sam Rentmeester



Who: Ellen Hogerwerf (27)
Degree programme: Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
Sport: Rowing (Proteus-Eretes)
Boat: Eight
“We did not qualify for the games during the World Championships last year. We came sixth – one place too low. However, we managed to qualify at the end of May during the Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne.”

Olympic experience
“In London in 2012 I was in the double scull and we were placed eighth. We were surprised to make selection as we had a new, young team.”

“To get the most out of myself. Improving bit by bit each time is hugely motivating, on top of which it is also lots of fun. We are rowing outdoors a lot of the time, we visit some beautiful places and we have a
great group.”

“That’s on hold for a while, I am now rowing full-time.”

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160315 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Bart Lukkes - roeien

Bart Lukkes. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Who: Bart Lukkes (24)
Degree Programme: Industrial Design Engineering, Master’s in Strategic Product Design
Sport: Rowing (Proteus-Eretes)
Boat: Lightweight men’s four

“The boat has qualified but my personal situation is uncertain as I have replaced Tim Heybrock, who is over-trained. As the most experienced rower in the team, and the only one with Olympic experience, Tim has the advantage. The fact that I am even in this situation is absolutely fantastic for me.”

“I have talent, and it is great to see where that can lead. Several years ago I moved from an amateur club to Proteus as they have more professional coaching and materials and also because of the support I received from TU Delft.”

“Industrial Design Engineering involves a lot of project work, which is difficult to combine with top sport. However, my studies are important to me as otherwise the only focus in your life is rowing.”

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160315 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Chantal Achterberg - roeien

Chantal Achterberg. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Who: Chantal Achterberg (31)
Degree Programme: Alumnus, Life Science & Technology (TU Delft), Human Movement Science (VU)
Sport: Rowing (Proteus-Eretes)
Boat: Quadruple scull

“In 2012 I was in the Olympic eight. Our new coach wanted to put two good women’s teams together for the run-up to Rio, the eight and the quadruple scull. We already qualified for Rio last year with these teams. We are therefore one team, rather than competing with one another.

“London was a fantastic experience, and I still hadn’t had enough of rowing afterwards. Training six days a week, twice a day is not always so great, but you know what you are doing it for.”

“I have finished my studies and now row full-time. It is great to be able to focus on one thing. I have an A-status, which means I can live from it. Even so, I want to stop after Rio. I would like to carry on, but I also want to do other things such as have a job and a family.”


Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160317 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Pieter Wiersum

Peter Wiersum. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Who: Peter Wiersum (31)
Degree Programme: Aerospace Engineering
Sport: Rowing (Proteus-Eretes)
Boat: Holland eight

Olympic experience
“I joined the eight just before Beijing together with Olivier Siegelaar. We had a young team, which meant that fourth was a good result. In London the situation was different, and we had the best rowers in the boat. Again we have an experienced team.”

“I work as a coach with several teams in Amsterdam. Beyond that, I try to set myself other rowing challenges.”

“I still enjoy the sport very much and I love to really go for something with a team like this and to focus on it completely. The Olympic Games are also special – on the first day after the games everything feels a bit lifeless.”

After Rio
“It’s difficult to say. I don’t know what will happen if we achieve what we want in Rio.”


Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160315 . Olympiers Rio 2016, Sjoerd de Groot - roeien

Sjoerd de Groot. Photo © Sam Rentmeester

Who: Sjoerd de Groot (28)
Degree Programme: Civil Engineering
Sport: Rowing (Proteus-Eretes)
Position: Reserve, men’s team

“My exact role was unclear until July. I now know that I will be going to Rio as the reserve for the men’s team: the eight, the quadruple scull and the double scull.”

“Until Rio I will row with Rogier Blink in the double scull. It is of course a shame that I did not make the selection, but I am happy that I have found a way of getting the best out of myself and still taking part in the Olympic experience.”
“There is of course a big chance that I won’t row, but I hope to experience as much as possible of the Olympic Games.”

“After Rio I first want to finish my studies. I am currently working on a few subjects that I do not need to attend classes for.”

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