Golden Dream Teams

The students of the Formula Student team achieved an impressive score to win gold both at Silverstone in Great Britain and Hockenheim in Germany. With the electric race car DUT15, they were overall the best on both circuits. The student team of the human-powered submarine Wasub5 also won gold this summer: with a speed of 13.7 km/h it achieved a new world record at the International Submarine Races in Maryland (USA).

The Human Power reclining bicycle Velox team, who in September tried to beat their own 2013 Nevada world speed record (133.78 km/h), were however less fortunate. After several crashes, the team was forced to give up the attempt. The Canadian AeroVelo managed to beat the Delft record, with a speed of 139.5 km/h.

Formule Student (KortDelfts)foto: Formule Student Team

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