Good Friends Dinner

The Good Friends Dinner, organised by the University Fund on 6 November, began with a surprise: the quantum technology research of Leo Kouwenhoven was awarded icon status. This was shown live through a link with television show De Wereld Draait Door. The dinner was held in the Modelling Hall of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The President of the University Fund, Michael Wisbrun, spoke on the future of the University Fund and its collaboration with TU Delft: Connect with Excellence. Rector Karel Luyben discussed several striking studies, and Eric Meijer, Professor of Software Engineering and an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, presented his inspiring vision on the role of ‘givers’ in research and education. Finally, Tim Jonathan, of the Pret-à-Lôger student team, told about their prize-winning project for making existing terraced houses in the Netherlands energy neutral and sustainable for the future.
The dinner was attended by nearly 100 alumni who are extremely valuable to TU Delft. If you would like to attend next year’s dinner, you can sign up now to be a Friend of TU Delft at


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