Green Deal for The Green Village

TGV_visual_2016 kort delfts

Illustration: The Green Village

An end to inhibitive regulations and laws that hamper innovation. The Green Village, on TU Delft campus, aims to become a haven for engineers focusing on green energy. This is the intention of the signatories of the Green Deal: TU Delft, the Dutch government, the province of Zuid-Holland, Van Delfland Water Authority, the Municipality of Delft and various other market parties. During the signing ceremony on 2 June, the brains behind the Green Village, Professor of Future Energy Systems Ad van Wijk (3mE), presented the fuel cell of a Hyundai car that runs on hydrogen and can supply electricity to the grid. Van Wijk’s group worked on the development of the fuel cell. The car is now like a miniature power plant on wheels. Van Wijk predicts a future in which cars operate as small power plants when parked.

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