Help a student, become a mentor

Since 18 November, a five-month pilot study has been running in the Faculty of EEMCS, in which alumni can become mentors to current Master’s students. In doing so, alumni can make an important contribution to students’ career orientation by sharing their knowledge, experience and networks with a new generation of students.
This is very useful for students, as it allows them to consider their careers in a different manner and to talk with people who have experience in this area. By enhancing their preparation for their working lives, it could even help them complete their studies with greater success.
Mentoring students is also good for alumni. It allows them to offer true assistance to students, in addition to building a network of young talent, gaining inspiration from this new generation and learning about issues that are important amongst students. If you are an alumnus EEMCS and would like to contribute to the career orientation of a student, sign up to be a mentor via:

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