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The two most important days in the lives of doctoral candidates are the days on which they start their
research and the days on which they find out exactly why they started their doctoral research.
– Zhang Li, expert in image analysis

‘I was inspired by a statement made by Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. When I came to the Netherlands from China in order to do my doctoral research, I embarked upon a four-year adventure, a new life. I had to leave my family, my girlfriend (who is now fortunately my wife), my dog and my friends behind. I wanted to solve complicated problems and publish.

That was my reason for doing doctoral research, at least that’s what I thought. I spent thousands of hours in the laboratory, but things just weren’t happening; I was rejected by leading journals. Suddenly, it dawned on me that my reason for doing research is curiosity. From that point on, this became my guide. And it worked; I have published, and I will soon be defending my dissertation’.

Climate deniers are to climate science what creationists are to biology.
-Wouter Edeling, aerospace engineer

Interest is the best motivation.
– Changlin Chen, computer scientist

The use of moral dilemmas in engineering ethics education evokes the perception among students that ethics is ineffectual for engineering practice.
-Johannes Franciscus Jacobs, biochemical engineer

The argument that motorcycles do not, or hardly, contribute to congestion is false.
-Wouter Schakel, transport engineer

It is easier for robots to communicate with each other than for humans.
-Changyun Wei, computer scientist

On balance patent rights nowadays have an inhibitory effect on innovation and  economic growth.
-Cornelis van Dorsser, civil engineer

What makes an engineer outstanding is not his (her) knowledge but his (her) design intuition, experience and soft skills.
-Yi Wang,electrical engineer

Answering the question of who is to blame, does not solve the problem.
-Paul van Drunen, biomechanical engineer

Illustratie: Auke Herrema

Illustration: Auke Herrema



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