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‘Whether the human brain is described deterministically or by quantum mechanics, there is no space for free will.’
Helena Junicke, engineer quantum technology

“Matter consists of molecules and atoms. So does the human brain. In the picture of classical mechanics, each future state of the brain can in principle be predicted if only the initial system state is known, that is, the positions and velocities of all those particles in the brain. To my understanding the free will means to be in control of your own decisions. However, if the future state of the brain is already predefined by the initial conditions, there is no free will. But cognitive processes also depend on electrical currents transmitted between neurons and the electrons that make up for the electrical current obey the laws of
quantum mechanics. This means that the electrons which trigger our actions behave in some kind of random fashion. So, every foundation of our decision making would rely purely on probabilities. If probabilities determine our decision making, then still, it is probabilities that drive our actions and not free will. The problem with any scientific theory is that it aims to discover a cause. Yet, a cause is just a reason to the effect and as such can never permit the concept of free will. So maybe there’s still hope for free will? Or maybe that’s just what my brain wants me to make believe?”

Swimming stimulates creativity: in water everything is fluid.
Egbert Henri Stolk, engineer built environment

Democracy is too important to be left to the will of the people.
Nick den Uijl, materials engineer

Nowadays an experminet has no value until it is broadcasted.
Daniela Ullien, chemical engineer

Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.
David Vladesueiro, chemical engineer

We are ourselves through others, so we ought to choose our mirrors carefully.
Ana Mafalda Monteiro Oliveira Cortez, engineer computer sciences

Due to isolation, Chinese Phd candidates in the Netherlands should be called ‘working machines’.
Linfeng Chen, aerospace engineer

Best is the enemy of Good.
Emmanuelle Prest, physics engineer

Universities pay with subscriptions for knowledge they share for free.
Ilhan Şen, aerospace engineer


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