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If universities of technology are to remain relevant,  engineering programmes need to focus more on the  fundamental principles of design.
Ties van Bruinessen, marine engineer

“Engineers play an important role in innovation. In order to develop new solutions, they need to be able to work creatively, apply new technologies and collaborate with different players. In many TU Delft programmes, the focus is on more fundamental technical knowledge, such as mechanics and mathematics, hydromechanics and construction theory. Ship and aircraft designers and civil engineers are often expected to learn how to develop innovative products on the job. Incorporating the fundamental basic principles of the design process in every engineering programme will ensure that engineers gain a better understanding of the processes of design necessary for new knowledge. This will enable engineers, and TU Delft, to remain relevant for society and the labour market.”

Standing high does not ensure seeing far.
Yong Guo, computer science engineer


It is not wise to invest more funds and efforts in higher education while neglecting it at a grass root level.
Fahim Raees, mathematical engineer


The presumed shortage of engineers in the Dutch society is not typified by a shortage of highly-educated talent, but by a lack of highly valued technical jobs.
Maarten Vincent van der Seijs, transport engineer


The main enemy of understanding is the illusion of understanding.
Esmaeil Najafi, computer science engineer


Programming should be taught from kindergarten on.
Harmen van Rossum, microbiologist


Bacteria are superior to humans.
Michela De Martino, bionanoscience


Faith is having confidence and assurance about what is not seen, and is therefore complementary to science rather than contradictory.
Simeon Calvert, transport engineer



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