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“Thick books are the graveyards of past ideas”
Dr. Alimzhan Zhubayev, geophysicist

‘I grew up with science. As a child, I was impressed by all the thick books on theoretical physics that my father had in his bookcase – books from the 1950s and 1960s, filled with ideas and theories. There was so much reading material that I would never have been able to read it all in my lifetime. Unfortunately, almost nobody reads old books anymore.

People simply look through the most recent scientific articles and try to elaborate on them with new theories. They overlook the old books, even though their ‘new’ ideas might have been described in them long ago. Scientists should take more time to conduct thorough literature research.’

“Europe will not be a united and independent political power until national armies will be replaced by a federal military force.”
Gabriele Bulgarini, physics engineer

“An advantage of living in The Netherlands is that almost everybody speaks English; a disadvantage of living in The Netherlands is that almost everybody speaks English.
Sara Salvador Cob, chemical engineer

“To see the true limits of the human body, doping should be legalized in professional sport.
Gianni Campoli, materials engineer

“Time is discrete instead of continuous.”
Yunhe Zhang, materials engineer

“As long as drug production, supply, and possession are prohibited by governments, unnecessary deaths will be on the rise.”
Ivan Garcia Triana, mathematical engineer

“Measuring researchers’ qualities by counting numbers of publications makes science replicate existing studies instead of encouraging innovation.”
Marja-llona Koski


Illustration: Auke Herrema


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