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Illustratie: Auke Herrema

Illustratie: Auke Herrema


‘Strong car brands need not worry about their image when they add an electric car to their product line.’
Ingrid Moons, Psychologist and Industrial Designer

‘Car makers are concerned that their image will change if they produce electric cars. But they need not worry. In my research, I used four car brands that evoke different emotions: BMW (which promises a pleasurable driving experience), Alfa Romeo (a highly emotional car), Toyota (evokes few emotions), and Volvo (for a responsible driving experience). I then supposed that there was a new car that was a mixture of these four brands. I also added either more rational or more emotional characteristics to this. I told drivers of the four makes, plus people who drive some other make of car, that one of these two designs was the electric car that one of the four companies were about to add to their product line. I then asked them whether this would change their perception of the car brand. That turned out not to be the case. The brands maintained their own image even with the new car in their product line.’

‘The doctoral propositions should be limited to 140 characters and should be tested against the interest of social
media before being printed.’
Ekim Tan, architect

‘Finding out why we want something is more important than finding out what we want.’
Congli Dong, civil engineer

‘Living abroad can make Italians capable of forming an orderly queue.’
Riccardo Fagiani

“Research in The Netherlands is too heavily placed in PhD projects’
Thijs van Leest, physics engineer

‘A PhD track has the same phases as a mud flat crossing by foot.’
Paula van den Brink, physics engineer

‘ If a four kilometre high mountain range would be built from Morocco to Guinea, this would eventually turn the Sahara into a green paradise.’
Rudi Johannes van der Ent, hydro engineer

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