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‘Long-term plans only serve  to create an illusion of control over our lives’

Bart Bolsterlee
bio-mechanical engineer

‘It is only human to want control over what happens in our lives. This is why many people make long-range plans. Nevertheless, the influence of unexpected and unpredictable events is so great that it is impossible to make long-term predictions with a useful level of precision. Ten years ago, could you have predicted your current situation in life? At any rate, I would not have been able to, and I’m glad. Many people continue to make detailed plans for the long term anyway. In my opinion, all this does is to create an illusion of control. If we are able to accept and cope with the fact that we are living in a world in which uncertain factors play a major role in our day-to-day existence, long-term plans are unnecessary. Planning for the long term can even have negative effects, as it can blind us to valuable opportunities that arise along the way’.


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