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‘Humanity should create a system for establishing life on other planets (panspermia) using extremophiles, as insurance against the possibility of an event that could result in our complete extinction’.
– Calin Plesa, bio-scientist

‘There are many cosmic events that could conceivably bring life on Earth to an end. That is why, ideally, humans ought to start inhabiting other planets. The technology we need for this has not yet been developed to a sufficient level, however. In the meantime, it might be wise to send simple life forms that can live in extreme conditions (e.g. bacteria found on the ocean floor). In this way, we could increase the chance that life will continue to exist. It would be a relatively small investment. And who knows? Over the course of millions of years, perhaps those organisms will develop into intelligent life forms’.

‘Native speakers of the English language get their papers accepted by journals more easily than others.’
– Ruihua Lu, engineer infrastructures

‘A good researcher follows the research plan only until a better idea comes along.’
– Lu Zhang, computer science engineer

‘A time horizon of more than a hundred years goes beyond our imagination.’
– Maria Johanna Ruijter, mathematical engineer

‘One is better of being happy than being right.’
– Giselle de Moraes Ramos, transport engineer

‘Technological progress of the human race is driven by the advances in materials science and almost nothing else.’
– Venkata Girish Kotner, materials engineer

‘Science enhances human capabilities, religion gives guidance about the way how to use these.’
– Pieter Cornelis Jenze Jan Coumou, physics engineer

‘Development aid is ineffective unless we halt neo-colonialism.’
– Pieter Cornelis Jenze Jan Coumou, physics engineer


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