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Technology is not a means for solving problems. It replaces them with another complex problem that will need to be solved in the future.

Maruti Hegde, chemist


“Technology leads to environmental problems. And I don’t see how technology can solve these problems again. Take my own research. It’s about manufacturing plastics into which graphene and carbon nano-tubes have been incorporated. It’s fairly basic research. Should it eventually result in stronger, lighter plastics that might lead to lighter aircraft that consume less fuel. That isn’t necessarily good. It might lead to even more air travel, resulting in even more pollution. I don’t know what the goal of technology is. It’s confusing.”


A collectivistic culture generates less scientific innovation than an individualistic one.
Hannes Bernien, physics engineer

Nuclear power plants will not be built without governmental financial support; wind farms will.
Eeke Mast, mathematical engineer

Dutch treat is not copied in China.
Dong Juan Xiao, industrial design engineer

The end of an experiment is unfortunately defined by the deadlines.
Sai Rama Krishna Malladi, materials engineer

When science enters the media the content shrinks, while at the same time it grows in suggested importance.
Hendrik Lude Hortensius, physics engineer

Spreading news about violence leads to spreading of violent behavior.
Samur Araujo, computer science engineer

Italians are too much epicurean to be seriously concerned about their own country on a long term run.
Francesco Vitale, mathematical engineer

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