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It’s definitely the cleanest place on campus: the Class 100 cleanroom within the Dimes Technology Centre (DTC). It’s called class 100 because there are 100 dust particles per cubic foot, which pales in comparison to a typical lab’s count of 10,000 dust particles.

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20140804Lab Of...Dimes, Chip, Oxidation Furnace
Being able to fabricate everything which you can find on a chip, ECTM focusses on micro-fabrication. Many in the group work closely with industry partners like PhD candidate Violeta Prodanović from Serbia. The National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (Nikhef) chose Prodanović for her expertise in microelectromechanical systems. She is attempting to fabricate one part of their photon detector using microelectro-mechanical systems.
‘These photon detectors are special because they are really ultra fast, with a time resolution of a couple of pico seconds,’ says Prodanović. Coupling that with their small size makes them perfect for their application in medical imaging techniques.

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