Lab of… Quantum Computing

The long-term goal of the Quantum Computing Group is to realize a working quantum computer, a machine that goes beyond the computational powers of anything available today.

Quantum states are extremely fragile and thus preserving them for a long time is difficult. Even a tiny thermal fluctuation can uncontrollably flip the qubit state and destroy the quantum information. The group uses a number of refrigerators to cool their computers nearly down to absolute zero and bring thermal fluctuations to a manageable level.

‘It is a concentration of knowledge that makes this place stand out,’ says Stevan Nadj-Perge a postdoc researcher from Serbia. ‘Many of the techniques developed in one project can be useful for others,’ adds Maja Cassidy, a postdoc researcher from Australia. ‘While we are not sure what is actually going to play out in the future, I think at least what we are doing and the techniques we develop will be applicable from one project to the other.’

Foto: Sam Rentmeester

Photo: Sam Rentmeester

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