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Delft research varies in scale, nature, topic, applicability, perspective and a number of other variables. However, they do have some things in common: TU research falls under the three research pillars: design, engineering or science. And it is integrated in society, just as our new logo on the cover is integrated with the background. From now on, in Delft Outlook we want to put more emphasis and shed more light on this enormous diversity. Therefore, in this updated Delft Outlook, besides the usual background and news you will also find a selection of notable research projects about this topic. For this first issue we chose a topic that goes well with the season: light.

Naturally, there are several ways one could choose to classify Delft research involving light. We have opted to focus in on light as a source of energy, light as an instrument and light as an experience. That results in other solutions, such as sustainable solar gas, a lamp that brightens the dark African nights and an optical needle that facilitates the detection of tumors.

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Frank Nuijens,

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