Painting cyborg

Do I really need to take my clothes off for the photo?’ asks Guarav Genani hesitantly. Moments later, despite his doubts, he is posing for the camera in a large hall at the tech-incubator YesDelft where he has his office. He is half-naked, equipped with the Skel-ex. He developed this device to make it much easier to do repetitive activities such as painting and plastering. It uses an ingenious system of springs, hinges and counterweights.

The Indian entrepreneur, who completed a Master’s degree in ergonomics at TU Delft, looks like a cyborg. ‘This version of the Skel-ex is made mostly of plastic. My previous design was made of steel. Then I really did look like RoboCop,’ he laughs. Genani wants to make the Skel-ex even lighter and thinner by printing the components in 3D and using carbon composite. Ultimately he wants to integrate it into work clothes.


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