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Ir. Nynke Tromp
Industrial Design Engineering

Her research is of international and social importance, her research approach is original and she completed her PhD cum laude. The assistant professor of Social Design & Behaviour Change more than meets all the conditions, and she therefore won this year’s Dewis Award. The network for women scientists in Delft, Dewis, presents the award each year to a highly talented woman doctoral candidate.





Prof. Teunis Klapwijk
Kavli Institute

For his achievements in his field, the nano-scientist received a Humboldt Research Award from the German Humboldt Stiftung. This foundation promotes academic collaboration between excellent scientists in Germany and abroad. As the winner of the prize, Klapwijk has been invited to participate in a scientific project for one year at a German research institute of his choice.




Prof ir. Leo Kouwenhoven
Applied sciences

The Dutch government has awarded National Icon status to Kouwenhoven’s field, quantum technology. According to the professor, technology has progressed to the point that ‘the question is no longer whether we can build a quantum computer, but when’.




Prof ir. Tim van der Hagen
Applied physics
The Professor of Reactor Physics and the dean of the AS Faculty has been given a four-year appointment as member of the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI), which advises the Dutch government and parliament on policy in the areas of scientific research, technological development and innovation. Van der Hagen is responsible for the Energy portfolio.

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