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pers_LexHaak_7382_SITEProfessor Lex Haak
Professor Emeritus
For his exceptional achievements for the Diocese of Rotterdam, the Parish of St. Ursula and the community and residents of Delft, Professor of Finishing and Furnishing Buildings Lex Haak has received the high papal award Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. From 1979 to 1991, Haak was a professor at TU Delft, and from 1960 until his retirement, he was director of an architectural firm. It was particularly through education that he played
an important role in the architecture of the Netherlands.


pers_JuliaCramer_4200_SITEIr. Julia Cramer

Since recently, it has become possible for anyone to follow her work on a super computer at the Kavli  Institute, thanks to a blog on, an initiative of Kennislink and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and  Sciences (KNAW). This is intended to showcase young scientists and show what is involved in the life of a scientist. In particularshe wants to show that she is pretty ‘normal’. ‘You don’t have to be very special to do well here.’


pers_MarleenDogterom_5796_SITEProf. Marileen Dogterom
‘A world-class expert in experimental cellular biophysics’ and ‘a pioneer who has earned a high international reputation for the research in single molecule physics that is being conducted in the Netherlands’, states the jury report by the Dutch Physics Society (NNV) about Dogterom. For this reason, the chair of the bionanoscience department (Applied Sciences) received the 2015 Physics Award. Dogterom’s long-range goal is to build an artificial cell.


‘Kromo Blanda’ is the topic chosen by the photographer and coming cultural professor Hoffman for his master class at TU Delft. With his students, he will be examining the history of the Dutch East Indies and the role of photography in the 19th and 20th centuries in colonial thought and dealings in the Netherlands. The photography project will include a film festival and a photography exhibition in a renowned museum. His inaugural lecture will be held on 11 September, and his farewell lecture will be held on 27

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