Record number of Vidi grants

Ten experienced TU Delft researchers have been awarded Vidi grants by the NWO. ‘An absolute record’, said Rector Magnificus Karel Luyben. NWO has awarded a total of 87 Vidi grants worth up to € 800,000. TU Delft tops the list with its 10 grants. The recipients include
seven men and three women: Simon Groeblacher  (Quantum Nanoscience, Applied Sciences); Hayley Hung (Intelligent Systems, EEMCS); Leo van Iersel  (Applied Mathematics, EEMCS); Alexandru Iosup (Software Technology, EEMCS); Merle de Kreuk (Water Management, CEG); Wilson Smith (Chemical Engineering, Applied Sciences); Heike Vallery (Biorobotics, 3mE); Menno Veldhorst (QuTech, Applied Sciences/EEMCS/TNO); Maarten Wijntjes (Human Information Communication Design, IDE); Hyun Youk (Bionanoscience,  Applied Sciences).

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