Sailing on dry land

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20160610 . Zeilsimulator, IO, Delft Integraal DI // thema

Foto © Sam Rentmeester

“The best in the world.” That is what Dr Jouke Verlinden has to say of the Laser sailing simulator developed by TU Delft and Sentec. Dozens of students worked as part of their sports innovation minor on its development and on the improvements that have been made. The simulator gives sailors the impression that they are on a real boat as interactive techniques simulate the effect of waves and water and because they are able to exert pressure on the rudder. Since the introduction of the simulator in 2014, work has focused on simplifying the software. “The simulator was designed for scientific research,” explains Verlinden. “However, now that we want to commercialise it, it needs to be more fail-proof.” The sailing simulator has now also been fitted with motion tracking so that, using a camera, you can see how far you are hanging out of the boat. Verlinden: “The sailing simulator will be set up in several cities in the Netherlands during the Olympic Games so that everyone can experience what it is like to sail in an Olympic team.”

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