In a 2013 report, the Dutch Language Union and the Council for the Dutch Language and Literature expressed serious concern about the ‘declining usage of Dutch as a language of instruction’. They fear that this will ‘come at the cost of academic language skills in Dutch’. TU Delft is not discouraged. At present, 16% of the student population is foreign. In its Roadmap to 2020, however, the university is aiming for an intake of 40% of its Master’s students and 10% of its Bachelor’s students from abroad. To achieve this goal will require more English in the curriculum. The Master’s programmes are already being taught in English, and the Executive Board hopes that the Bachelor’s programmes will follow in three or four years. Only time will tell whether this will lead to a shortage of Dutch at TU Delft. In this issue of Delft Outlook, we report on shortages in other areas, including raw materials, sanitation, women and classrooms, as well as on how TU Delft is searching for solutions. We wish you an abundant 2015.

Frank Nuijens,

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