Student visits China



Merel Oostveen (25) is completing her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Her graduation research concerns the rehydration of powders. The research, which she has recently completed, was done in collaboration with DSM Delft and focuses on powders in food. This kind of research ensures that the ingredients in products like powdered milk or Cup-a-Soup will dissolve more easily.

Using a microCT scanner, she was able to study the process of rehydration in detail. She noticed that the process has not yet been accurately described by an existing model and made recommendations to improve this model.

Oostveen was given the opportunity to present her research findings at the World Congress on Particle Technology in China. The Delft University Fund supported her financially for this visit. ‘It was really exciting to give this presentation to a group of experienced scientists. I had to be very concise with my story and afterwards there were a few challenging questions from the audience.’

The Delft University Fund is able to assist with visits to conferences like this one thanks to the involvement of alumni.

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