A successful Alumni Day

On 2 June TU Delft held a special day for alumni, so they could take a look round and find out about the technology of the future

Alumni Campus Tour - Reijer

Alumni Campus Tours
The Alumni Day kicked off with a trio of special alumni campus tours. Enthusiastic students gave alumni a tour of today’s campus. Old memories were revived with visits to past labs and workplaces, but alumni were also impressed by new applications, rooms and buildings.

Opening Alumni Walk of Fame - Ernst de Groot

Opening of the Alumni Walk of Fame
Later in the day, board member Anka Mulder opened the Alumni Walk of Fame in Mekelpark, under the watchful eye of Prometheus. The warm sounds of a swinging brass band, snacks and drinks and the announcement of the Alumnus of the Year all made it a fantastic event! The Walk of Fame consists of plaques (designed by Industrial Design Engineering student Martijn Verbeij) showing the five Alumni of the Year named to date. In coming years, more and more inspiring alumni will take their place on the Walk.

Cyber Security Seminar
Professor Michel van Eeten, Professor Jan van den Berg and the Alumnus of the Year, Ronald Prins of FoxIT, spoke in turn on bulletproof hosting (hosting focused on criminal activities), on the dilemmas surrounding privacy and security, and on examples from practice. The conclusion was that we have to make agreements on how we interact in cyberspace. After all, expectations and perceptions of normal behaviour in cyberspace should be the same as those in the physical world.
The seminar was followed by a KIJK pub quiz, in which members of the audience first competed against each other and then against the three experts. Unfortunately, even the best members of the audience were not good enough to beat the experts.
Ronald Prins concluded the event with a nice, personal and warm speech. He thanked his staff and especially his partner for all their efforts, and he is very proud to have been awarded the title. The full speech can be found on the Delft University Fund’s Facebook page (facebook.com/ufonds).

Career Café
Yet another event took place at the end of the day, when around 150 students and doctoral students were helped to reflect on their career options, their strengths, and the types of jobs and work environments that would suit them. This proved extremely valuable for all the students, so we would like to thank all of the alumni who volunteered to take part!


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