VENI grants

Atilla Geresdi and Daniele Cavallo

Atilla Geresdi and Daniele Cavallo

Daniele Cavallo and Atilla Geresdi were awarded a VENI grant by the NWO. The two researchers from Delft were both awarded up to €250,000 euros for their research over the next three years. The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) awards these VENI grants annually to talented scientists who have gained their doctorate within the last three years. This year, 152 researchers were awarded VENI grants of up to €250,000.

Daniele Cavallo researches the generation of terahertz waves with microchips at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. He wants to investigate whether the microchips that we know from mobile phones and computers can be used to produce terahertz  waves.

Atilla Geresdi is carrying out research into the whispering of the Majorana particle at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Topological quantum calculations based on Majorana particles can provide unrivalled protection against the loss of quantum information through interaction with the environment, according to Geresdi. He wants to build an ‘on-chip  radiation detector’ in order to detect the quantum noise (or whispering) of the mysterious Majorana particle. He also wants to demonstrate the feasibility of topological quantum bits.

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