Young Alumni Career Week

In March 2015, the Young Alumni Career Week will be held for the third time. Alumni graduating within the past five years can take various workshops in order to shape their careers.
If you are wondering whether your job really is right for you, the workshop ‘Stay or Go’ might be helpful. You might decide that you should structure your work differently (see the workshop ‘Job Crafting’) or that you should find another job (see the workshop ‘Networking’ or ‘How to apply for the job’).
If you are considering starting your own company, you might find the workshop ‘Mind your own business’ useful.
The activity calendar contains additional information. Alumni with no more than five years of work experience will be invited by email.
The workshops are offered by the TU Delft Career Centre from 18:00 until 21:00, including snacks and drinks. The cost is €35 per workshop. You can register through . Each workshop can accommodate up to 10 alumni.

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